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Pizza Sushi To Sushi Tacos: We’re Heading To This Sushi Festival For Weekend Lunch

Raisa posted on 29 March


The Fatty Bao has a bunch of quirky, cool and fun experimental sushi dishes up for grabs and it’s a sensory explosion.

Sushi Unrolled

Always on the lookout for sushi in the city? Not particularly fond of sushi but up for a little food adventure? The Fatty Bao’s Sushi Unrolled menu is just for you. There are tons of fun versions of regular sushi; we’re talking really out of the box stuff like sushi pizza, sushi sandwiches, sushi pita pockets, sushi tacos and sushi rolls. Not just does it taste incredible, it’s a visual treat as well. All the sushi are differently and interestingly presented and the colours just leap off the plate.

There is of course, a lot of seafood on the menu. Prawns, crabs, tuna, salmon: it’s literal seafood paradise. We are absolutely obsessed with the Spicy Tempura Fried Prawn Roll. Bite-sized perfection, the sushi is rolled, fried, sliced, topped with cheese and a generous helping of prawns.

Another standout seafood dish is the The Liberal Tobimayo pita pocket. Crunchy and textural with bags of flavour, this crab meat delight also has tobiko mayo, avocados, bonito flakes and prawn crackers.

Vegetarians, don’t freak out just yet. There are quite a few veggie sushi dishes well. Veggie lovers, try the Rainbow Spin: marinated slices of veggies so fresh, colourful and bright, perfectly arranged into monoportions, with sriracha and

Anything Else?

Just to add a little fun to the experience, the 8th floor Izakaya bar is decorated with brightly coloured origami which hangs from the ceiling. Even the menu is so well presented, printed on a rolled-up sushi mat that you literally have to unroll to read. We’re loving the creativity and attention to detail.

The menu is also available in The Fatty Bao outlets in Bangalore and Mumbai till April 8.

So, We’re Saying…

If you’re an adventurous foodie, you know where you should be lunching this weekend.

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