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Deck Yourself (Not The Tree) With These Super Fun Christmas Baubles From H&M

What Makes It Awesome

Walk into H&M and get to the accessories section, and you will know what it looks like when Christmas throws up all over a store! Red, green and shiny all over - you can't turn away from it even if you're a grouchy Grinch. We had intended to pick winter and party wear from the store, but ended up buying a whole lotta Christmas accessories that could legit make a tree turn green with envy! Head to toe, there's something to deck up every part of the body. Hairbands with toppers are the coolest things to snatch here. Candy canes, sparkly red gift boxes, green Christmas trees, pompoms to reindeer horns - pick hairbands sporting any of these and you could seriously be turning heads and making people smile! The more awesome ones have shiny red baubles attached to the bands with wires for them to keep bobbing. But for a simple Christmassy look, pick the bauble hair pins. Perfect for gifts or as stocking fillers, the other awesome thing to load up on are the earring and ring sets. Santa face tops to danglers with red gift boxes - these can single-handedly amp your Christmas party look. Also, check out the gift bow and reindeer-topped rings. Planning to sport an ugly Christmas sweater to the next party? We found just the right one in red-and-white with snowflakes, reindeer and Christmas trees on it. Team it with the red-and-white snowflakes printed socks and you can keep the ugly Christmas icon Bill Cosby guessing! Men, sorry but not much was happening in your section! But we did find a few things like quirky socks with dinos wearing Christmas gear! And funky hipster Santas with doughnuts! Lift your trousers and flash them we say! Oh, and they also had Christmas-themed shorts and undies.

How Much Did It Cost

The socks start at INR 249 a pair, the hairbands are priced around INR 699 and the earring and ring sets are priced around INR 799. The red sweater is available for INR 1,499.


H&M's winter collection is yet to come into store, but you'll find a few jumpers and woollen scarves in store.

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