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Pause On Pandal-Hopping: Try These 7 Fun Things Instead With Your Fam & Friends

You've criss-crossed the entire city from Panchami to Saptami, pandal hopping around the popular pujos. But Pujo is still on, and to make the best of the remaining days here's all you can do with your fam and friends.

So you've waded through the crowds enough these last three days and all you're craving is a relaxed vibe to unwind with your squad. We suggest heading out to The Breakout for a day of fun. Get your buds together and head here for a fab game of paintball. You have to buy individual pellets for your games – you’ll need a lot more than you think (around 85 pellets will get you through a game). So make sure you are well stocked. Remember to make booking before you go, though.

You've been eating out since Panchami, but haven't been around to take your family out for a Pujo bhoj yet? No worries, there's still a few days left before Dashami comes around. Most of the Bengali food joints will be overflowing. Head to Sonar Tori for a sumptuous meal in an atmospheric zamindari setting. But if you are aiming for something more lavish, head to Sonargaon or JW Marriott for an incredible buffet. Another place worth checking out is Flurys that is bringing back the lost gems of Bengali cuisine in their Pujo special spread.

Winter is still far away, but if you're up for a fun day out with the girl gang then why not give ice skating a try. Take your pack and head to Swirliskate in Eco Park. Gears are available in the venue itself and with the slots starting as low as INR 170, this one is a good deal.

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