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Jazz Up Your Weekend With These 10 Sunday Brunches

Trying to figure out how to have the perfect beginnings to your Sundays? Here's a list of Sunday brunches that you don't want to miss.

It can't get any better than to bask under the sun with a panoramic view of the city skyline in front of you and enjoy a mouth-watering meal. Well, Ozora is offering you all of that. Head to this rooftop lounge to experience a lavish brunch with elaborate options such as a live Mongolian counter, a DIY salad stand, an array of starters from jacket potatoes to pan-fried garlic fish. The main course boasts of veggie pie and roast chili pork and much more. Then load up on sinful desserts like baked Alaska, choco pots and more. Get it all for INR 1,200.  Start the alcohol supply to pair with your drink at an additional INR 800. The brunch will be available between 12 pm and 5 pm.

If the Saturday night's hangover is taking a toll on your Sunday, then head over to The Parking Lot for a special Hangover Brunch. Laze your way to this Park Street eatery, to binge on inviting dishes like mini burgers, TPL special chicken biryani, olive-stuffed chicken and much more. Good thing, the menu is wide in range, but not so wide in rate. In INR 1,500, you get to enjoy dishes from starters to dessert. Oh, and also sip on boozy drink without any extra charges. All of this is available between 12pm to 4 pm.

Afraa is hosting Sunday brunches that is spread across two floors. This newly revamped eatery in Salt Lake is placing its starter section on the 6th floor with an array of mezze platters, salads, cured meat platters and more with drinks. The main course is set out on at the 7th floor, where you can choose from the likes of  Dukka Spiced Fish and Persian rice, Moroccon Lamb Tangine and several more dishes. Desserts include tiramisu, apple crumble tart and more. At an unbelievable INR 1,399 you'll enjoy a lavish meal and unlimited spirits. Just remember to be there between 12pm to 3:30 pm

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