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Iconic Bakeries You Need To Buy Christmas Cakes From

Christmas is almost here, one of the staples are Christmas cakes. Here is a list of places in Kolkata where you can kick-start your festive food (read cake!) shopping from.

Nahoum’s and Christmas in Kolkata are synonymous. Even though over the years the quality of the cakes may have ‘changed’ considerably, you still need to pick up a pound and take a bite of nostalgia.

Three-generation old Saldanhas, run by a Goan family out of their own home, is currently the place to pick up your plum and fruit cakes from. Rich, indulgent, laden with nuts and dried fruit, not overly sweet, these freshly baked cakes make for the perfect dessert for dinner on Christmas.

Another age-old classic of Kolkata, Flurys (particularly the original one on Park Street) is where you’ll find hundreds of fellow Kolkatans hunting for their share of Christmas cake. The cakes are mixed well in advance (over a month) and the flavours are allowed to build. The cakes also last up to a year (in fact they taste better the longer you leave them). Grab your fruity, nutty (and boozy) pound.

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