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Sunday Rides, Biking Trails & Motovlogging: Join These Groups For Fun On A Bike

Love motorbikes? Join these groups and be a part of Kolkata’s community of motorbike riders. There’s a women-only biking group too!

This close-knit circuit of motorcycle enthusiasts celebrates the love for riding. They organise various rides in and around Kolkata and are into sport-touring, motography, motovlogging and travelogues. 

These bikers not only share a love for their two-wheeler machines, but they are also quite the good Samaritan and do a lot of charity work in Kolkata. Check out their charity on wheels here.

Rolling Wheels Bikers Club is a motorcycle touring club in Kolkata for people who carry the passion for traveling on their motorcycles. The club was formed in 2005 to unite all motorcycle lovers and touring individuals under a single biking club.

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