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Fit, Fun and Environment-Friendly: Join These Cycling Clubs In Kolkata

You get fit, you have fun and you help the environment. Sign up for these cycling clubs in Kolkata and do yourself, and the city, some good.

Cycling enthusiasts, here’s where you need to head for regular Sunday group rides. Promoting a sporty and healthy lifestyle, they organise many events including the first Kolkata Duathlon  which saw huge participation and positive responses from the cycling and running community. They do long-distance Ultra Endurance races which go as high as 300 kilometres to invigorate the challenger in you. 

This grassroot sustainability project encourages cycling as a healthy, cheaper, smarter transport mode. They also work with policy makers to encourage cycling as a suitable means of transport. 

You’ll have the most scenic places in the city as backdrops – they do daily early morning cycling sessions in Salt Lake, and on Sundays along Victoria Memorial. They try to promote a healthier lifestyle and work towards making the city air a tad more breathable.

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