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We Died And Went To Handcrafted Heaven At This Shop Off Camac Street


Love traditional craftsmanship and creativity? Then you must check out to this shop on Ho-Chi Minh Sarani to stack up your house and wardrobe for Poila Baisakh.

What Makes It Awesome

At a loss about what gifts to buy for someone’s birthday or wedding? Looking for good quality handloom fabrics for dresses or home furnishings? Or a perfect saree to wear to a wedding? Head over to Kamala, the shop inside ICCR on Ho Chi Minh Sarani.  It stocks a huge range of curated handicrafts and textiles from all over India. The shop itself is not that big but the range of things you can find here, you will find it difficult to pick up anywhere else.

Opened in 2009, this space is an outlet by the Crafts Council of India {a voluntary, non-profit, registered organisation that works with a network of regional craft councils}. Their aim is to expand the work and craftsmanship of traditional Indian artists into the economic market because, as you may be aware, handicrafts are dying out in India. Kamala buys their goods straight from the artisans. making sure they maintain a profit margin and sells them in big cities.

The shop has innumerable options in clothing, accessories and home decor. They are known for their sarees, fabrics, stoles and jewellery. You can walk in thinking of picking up a pottery mug fro tea and walk out with a whole lot more.

We aren’t able to resist the gorgeous notebooks whose covers portray the many intricate panels of famous ancient monuments around India. Or the jigsaw puzzles which showcase various Indian folk art such as patachitra, madhubani etc. You will find it difficult to say no to the bags and stoles here. For your home, pick up the curtains, rugs or bright cushion covers.

Looking to cool off this summer? You must pick up the floral printed fabrics they have sourced from Jaipur. Going at INR 140+ per metre, they are perfect for that breezy dress, top, bottoms, and even as mood-lifting curtains.

Diversity is what makes this spot special, because they have products from artists, all over the country! So, you might shop a little bit of Shantiniketan, a little bit of Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan, all under one roof.

What Could Be Better

The stocks could be replenished faster. Sometimes we find that a previously available saree, bag or home accessory is not around. Same reason why you may love a particular Rajathan blue pottery door handle, but may not find enough for all the doors in your home.  

Pro Tip

We think this is an absolutely perfect destination for Poila Boisakh and Pujo shopping. They often organise exhibitions for different occasions. 

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