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Broke But Fixin' It: Here's A Guide To Drinking Like A Fish In Salt Lake

We did some bar hoppin’ around City Centre and (while trying not to get tipsy) tracked down the best spots for the cheapest booze! Whether you're an ambience conscious lounge person, a fuss-free ‘peg of old monk’ pal or something in-between, here’s a range of watering holes from faux-broke to really, badly broke, for you to station at. 

This one’s for those who are faux broke (you haven’t been to the dark side, bud). A casual restaurant serving the big 3s - Indian, Chinese and Continental - Orko’s has a bar with happy hours from 11am - 8pm everyday. Their @99 menu offers Indian Rum & Vodka, while a 30ml Vat 69 is priced at INR 175 and a Cosmopolitan at INR 199. Check out their HH menu for further details.

Party goer? Kix is done up nicely with comfy sofas, throws in the occasional trippy lights and has loud music. They have a dance floor if you want to bust out a move or two. If you're hanging with your gang, order up a draught tower for INR 1,150. Their Happy Hours from 4pm - 8pm have earned them a regular fan-base. Drinks start at INR 80.

Farina is a quiet option outside City Centre with Happy Hours throughout the day, everyday. It’s a well lit space but isn’t much to look at. Their 3:1 menu offers a 60ml Old Monk at INR 106, Blenders Pride at INR 180, and Smirnoff for INR 165. Check out their HH menu for more items.

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