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Take A Weekend Break At This Beatles-Themed Hotel In Darjeeling


Next time you are in Darjeeling, stay at this seriously hip place named after the well-known Beatles song. You will love the posters, books, mugs strewn around the place.

What Makes It Awesome

Staying in a hotel with rooms named after  John, Paul, George and Ringo. Wake up and look up at a young John Lennon smiling down at you. What more could a Beatles fan want? The five rooms are named after the Moptops, and their manager Brian Epstein. If you want privacy, you can book Paul, George or Brian. For a view, book John – you can see the amazing Kanchenjunga peaks from the bed. Ringo is a smaller room but with a double bed. They have electric blankets – some with timers! Set it to your convenience and when you come back from that trek, you can snuggle into a warm bed.

The hotel is also full of Beatles memorabilia – the owners are great fans of music, and the Fab Four, of course. Check out the caricaturish painting of the band that graces one wall. Pick up one of the Beatles mugs, or a coaster.

Enjoy the fun atmosphere and the food – the restaurant serves delicious coffee, and authentic Naga cuisine. For breakfast you can order cereals, or pancakes with honey, sandwiches, or toast and butter/jam, eggs made to order. With a serving of bacon, sausages, baked beans, and mashed potatoes. For beverages you get pure Darjeeling Tea, Hot Lemon with Honey, Fruit Juice etc. Breakfast is served between 7:30 and 10.

We loved the cosy lounge sitting area downstairs, especially their stache of Tintin comics. And the Washburn acoustic guitar which you can try your hand at. They have a TV on the wall, and a collection of DVDs that include live concerts by music legends. And a Sony Playstation-3 with a Beatles Rock Band game.

What Could Be Better

They don’t do lunch. But then, you may be out roaming the hills of Darjeeling. There are many options for lunch around the hotel, any way. If you want dinner, tell them in advance. Do try their signature dish Naga dishes – pork with bamboo shoot, and smoked pork with fermented soya beans. And the Naga thali.

Pro Tip

Ask the very interesting owners Vikash and Asenla for advice on non-touristy stuff you can do in Darjeeling.

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