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Vanilla, Jackfruit & Cheesecake: Kolkata's got ice-cream for all palates. Know the best places to grab the perfect scoop of ice-cream in Kolkata.

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7 Pit Stops To Take Between Pandals To Satisfy Your Late-Night Ice Cream Cravings

The next time you’re in the mood for a post-dinner ice cream or desperately need an emergency sugar fix in-between pandals, check out these parlours.

We love their gelato – the consistency, the texture, everything works together to make perfection. There are several Mama Mia joints all over the city, but the tiny joint right below the Samilton Hotel is our go-to-place for late night cravings. The must-trys are the Cookie Crumble, Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Lemon Pop Gelato Fizz and the range of sundaes! 

This one is Kolkata’s answer to the famous Naturelle’s ice creams. A family favourite, Pabrai’s is always packed with people till closing hours. They are known more for the natural flavors like muskmelon, lemongrass and tender coconut, and Kolkata-derived flavours like gondharaj, nolen gur and paan. Cups begin from INR 80. With Jai Hind Dhaba across the street, this is the place to go for dessert after you’re done with dinner.

They have those over-the-top sweet fried ice cream rolls (a Thai specialty) that are all the rage now. Xis ‘O Krim prepares these right in front of you after you have selected the flavour. The Nutella Rocher is a customer favourite so be sure to try that out. 

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