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Have A Spooky Date: Go On A Walk To 8 Of Kolkata's Most Haunted Places

Up for a night of spook? These 8 popular buildings are believed to be the most haunted in the city — dare to go there?

Besides being home to one of the country’s biggest collection of books, the library also seems to be home to a number of spirits. Numerous accounts of students and bibliophiles tell us of the haunting stories behind the magnificent walls of the library. Everything from tales of the presence of someone breathing down their necks, pages being ruffled, chairs being drawn, ghosts wandering through the corridors, the library has no dearth of supernatural stories.

Some believe that it is the ghost of the wife of Lord Metcalfe who roams the halls {she was known to love both books and cleanliness}. Others believe the mysticism comes from a door-less ‘secret’ room that was discovered by the Ministry of Culture and Archeological Survey of India while restoration  in 2010, over 200 years after the building was built. Play it safe and always return the books to the right shelf — just in case!

Locals walking past the Writer’s Building at night claim that they hear shrieks and cries {these claims have just as easy been dismissed}. The unwillingless of caretakers {and actually, anyone!} to do night shifts just adds to the creepiness {or lends value to how lazy Kolkatans can be!}. The ‘haunted-ness’ is widely beliveed to come from a shoot-out between three young revolutionaries, Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta, and the British back in 1930.

Besides being a popular spot for photographers and botanists, one of the city’s oldest burial grounds is also infamous for paranormal activities. Bravehearts who visit the cemetery claim to see shadows moving, feeling the odd presence of the unnatural and even feeling sick upon entering.

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