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New Store Alert! Buy Copper-Infused Jewellery From This Brand In Golpark

What Makes It Awesome

Rimir Sinduke, which translates into Rimi's Treasure Trove, is a newly opened jewellery store in Golpark which offers jewellery made out of copper. The jewellery range starts from INR 149 and your neck won't look empty once you buy one of their pretty neckpieces. Get a statement German silver Afghan jewellery with a Ma Durga pendant and studded with ghungroos on the necklace. If you want, you can pair their earrings made of mirror, kari, cotton thread, ghungru etc with a light cotton saree for a day wear.

From their chemicals and copper collection, look for the ones combining stones and copper coins. But we have to pick out their collar necklace as the most unique ones in their copper collection. We saw a Mohiner Ghoraguli necklace made of ceramic and chemical beads, with use of cord and metal paint. And this whole thing will come for INR 149. We like how the minimal look of the necklace is giving major vintage vibes

We love how they have played with a copper wire made an earring out of it. Creative yet stylish, these oversized earrings have been very meticulously carved out of copper wires and are perfect for a festive wear. You can also try their oversized finger ring with the word ma written in Hindi, which comes for only INR 75.


They have two offline stores in Golpark and Jadavpur, but if you want to shop online, just know that you have to pay a shipping fee if your bill is below INR 999.

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