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Replace Your Wardrobe Favourites With These Indo-Western Outfits


Ancestry has opened its first store in Kolkata, and we're shifting to Indo-western faster than you can say wow. 

What Makes It Awesome

Ever imagined having an entire closet of fusions of prints from the times gone and designs of the time to come? That is exactly what Ancestry is for you. 

Dhotis, palazzos, skirts or off-shoulders, crops, tunics - there's not a single thing on the rack that we don't adore. Their prints reflect India but their cuts and patterns are as modern as it gets. The offbeat harem pants and embellished capes are some of our faves from the store. Their racks also showcase some real trendsetting accessories like sandals and pretty scarves. 

They also stock home accessories. Copper vase and scented candles with copper candle holders, pots and alot more, this store screams aesthetic to us and we're loving it. 

Make your run to South City today, you want to get your hands on their best pieces, asap. Their price range starts at about INR 1,000. 

What Could Be Better

We can only ask for more of these stores around the city. 


Just so that you're not lost, Ancestry is tucked away in a corner on the 3rd level of South City. (where there was Chemistry, previously.)

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