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With Exotic Italian Dishes & Beverages, This Pizzeria's New Menu Will Take You Closer To Naples

If pizza is what brings a smile on your face, then head to Fabbrica Della Pizza now. This quaint Italian restaurant close to Forum Mall has introduced a brand new menu full of exotic Italian delicacies ranging from a few varieties of pizza to buratta, rigatoni with mascarpone, truffle cream with charred mushroom and avocado bruschetta. Their Margarita 2.0 is definitely a must try. The classic neopolitan style margarita with burrata on top is what we live for. 

The new beverages are as amazing as their food, if not better. The matcha green tea, Fabbrica Della Pizza cold brew and other summer coolers are perfect for a hot summer day.

Dine at this beautiful little restaurant in Bhawanipore while sipping your favourite summer cooler and get Italy-like feels right here in Kolkata!

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