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Sign Up For This Walk Based On Satyajit Ray's LIfe And Works

What's Happening

Filmmaker Satyajit Ray's birthday is coming up (it's on May 2). City walking tour outfit LetUsGo has put together a unique walk  (conducted by award-winning photographer,  Kamalesh Kamila) that will take you through the lane where The Legend's house is situated. This walk will highlight some unknown and interesting facts about him, taking you through the 150-m stretch road. You will get to see the replica of the original posters of the Oscar-winning directors’ films including Pather Panchali, Joy Baba Felunath and Goopi Gyen Bagha Byen

How's The Venue

The walk will be primarily conducted in the area around Ray's house.

Price Includes

It's INR 699 per person. Book on 9674917877 (on WhatsApp).


They will give water bottles - we suggest you take along a hat (for the sun) and an umbrella (in case it rains).

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