Mountains Are Calling! Meet The Duo Who Will Take You Places You Have Been Aching To Go To

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Are you always planning travel to remote locations in the Himalayas but end up panicking and postponing? Enter The Doi Host to the rescue. A passion project of two freelancers, Sambit (from Kolkata) and Disha (from Uttarakhand), who will hold your hand and take you places you have been aching to travel to.

Now, before you get excited about the ‘Doi’ in the name, which you might if you’re a die-hard Bong, let us clarify. The 'Doi' here is a word taken from the Kumaoni dialect (one of the many disappearing languages in India) in Uttarakhand which means 'a perpetual wanderer'. It is their way of making the language known to anyone who connects with them.

Doi Host will take you on road trips that are not just about destination hopping but aim to provide a wholesome experience wherein you engage with the locals, make environmentally sound choices, learn a great deal about the culture of the place and leave only footprints minus the carbon!

Mountains are clearly their area of expertise. Hit them up, if you are planning to travel anywhere in North or West Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh (Kinnaur-Spiti), Meghalaya or Uttarakhand. Go on an 8-day road trip to North Sikkim with them and experience the culture, hospitality and spectacles of Sikkim. For the more adventurous souls, they have a week long trip that takes you to the heart of Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary (Spiti) where nature holds unparalleled rewards for the ones who dare to reach there. Visit their website for detailed itineraries

The duo believes that there’s no other way to travel than to travel responsibly. They have a strict zero-waste policy while travelling. Also, you get to stay at local homestays, have authentic encounters and exchange knowledge and skills with the locals. While travelling with them, all you have to do is, be open to exciting experiences while freeing yourself from the pressures of having to tick off every sight seeing place on your list.


They also do custom trips for families or a group of 6+ people. So, gather your squad, pack your bags and let The Doi Host take you on some of the best trips of your life.