Planners, Notepads, Notebooks: Shop For Some Amazing Stationery From This Brand

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    Are you a stationery hoarder like me? If yes, then you'll probably love this one.

    The Sasa Factory stocks beautifully designed planners, notebooks and notepads that'll organise your schedule and thoughts (and life!). From daily and weekly planners and notepads to notebooks for you to pen your thoughts, the brand has it all. Their notebooks come in sets of four in a portable A5 size ideal for journaling, and writing down your thoughts and ideas. Each page has gold detailing done on them adding to the beauty of the notebooks.

    I absolutely love the notepads and planners too. Whether you wanna keep track of your daily/weekly schedules, manage expenses, create to-do lists, plan the day, put in important reminders or notes - basically make life easier for yourself - their notepads that come in A4 size, will sort you out. They've also got different kinds of planners - academic, daily and rupee budget ones with laminated and faux leather covers in A4 size.

    The Rupee Budget Planner (comes with sticker sheets, cash envelopes, an instruction sheet, colouring pages and a pouch for all your bills and notes) is to keep track of all your subscriptions, bills, incomes, daily expenses, savings, payments and more, while the academic planners (comprises sticker sheets, durable covers, mood trackers, daily activity pages, timetable and goal sheets) will sort your targets, reminders for assignments, daily and weekly activities for school and home, track birthdays and to-do lists.

    Prices start at INR 299.


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