Galleries Of Graffiti: Travel To This Village To See Breathtaking Wall Arts

    What Makes It Awesome

    The Wise Wall Project is an initiative of Project Fuel to record the rural wisdom and stories in the form of graffiti on the walls of old villages.

    'Unity In Diversity' seems to be the motto for this initiative. Using this single lead as a way to cater to various requirements, The Wise Wall Project aims at turning the walls of the bygone villages into canvases to spread knowledge about our ancestral stories and wisdom.

    They have an inspired way of designing their art wherein they visit every village and go through personal interviews with the inhabitants to create an art work most apt for that area. They began their journey from from a tiny village called Devbhoomi in Uttarakhand and later spread to Saur and Khati. Their ultimate goal is to turn these village walls into art galleries and make the village sustainable through either tourism or economic development opportunities.

    Take some time out to visit these villages and look at the beautiful work done by the group. Catch a train to the nearest railway station that is Kathgodam. Book yourself a room at the DueNorth Saur Cottage and stay around the area for a weekend to get enough of this art work.


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