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Sayani posted on 1st June

Midnight Sales To Summer Camps: Here's Everything You Can Do Over This Weekend

Kolkata is constantly buzzing with interesting things to do. And now that the weekend is here, we’ve carefully curated the best of the lot this weekend. Your ‘To-Do’ list looks smashing, we must say.

Get Creative With Poetry & Tales

Weekends are best kept to try something creative when work and studies keep our weekdays tied. This Saturday join the Terribly Tiny Tales group from Mumbai at Artsy and pick up some micro-fiction hacks (check here). Or head to the Alliance Française on the same day and attend an interactive poetry reading session. Look here.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Enjoy A Russian Delight

This weekend gorge on some Russian delicacies like kvas, broscht, Uzbek Plov and sweet blini at the sumptuous lunch and dinner spread that’s organised by Milee Droog and Kolkata Food Trotter. Food’s not gonna be the only thing there entertaining you, but don’t get late to book your seats. Check here and here.

Midnight Sale

This one is a whopper because the discounts are major and we are totally stoked. Season 2 of midnight sale at Acropolis Mall is on this Saturday. You really don’t wanna miss this, trust us. Check here.

Fetivals At Malls

Who says malls are lame places to hangout? This Saturday, Quest will host the Thai Festival in association with the Thai Consul (look here for details). Also, City Centre I is turning fourteen and they have a slew of events lined up in the mall over the weekend. Don’t give it a miss and look for details here.

Summer Camp For Kids

Summer camps and summer holidays are a twin pack, so with the holiday still on, sign your kids up for a three-day summer camp with Oxford Bookstore this weekend. Look here for more deets.

Walk & Explore

If you’re the sort who loves a good walk and likes exploring the city, then these walks are perfect for you. Join walking tour groups In And Around Kolkata and Walks In Kolkata to explore the city of the baboos and the smaller replica of the Buckingham Palace. Check here for all the deets. Or you could join Sahapedia Walks and Let Us Go to walk down Bishop Lefroy Road and explore the house of Satyajit Ray. Check here for more.

Trade Fair Again

The India International Kolkata Trade Fair is back again and this time Karunamoyee Grounds will host the same between June 1 – 11. To pick up handicrafts, good handlooms, lifestyle and other products look here for more info.

DJ Nights To Keep The Mood Alive

Get coasting into your weekend mood from Friday night itself. Head to Roxy to start the party with Hyderabad’s popular turnatablist BOH!B (check here for info) or head to Phoenix to enjoy a bout of good EDM (check here). But if retro pop and dance numbers do the trick for you then head to Monkey Bar to catch Michelle and Avik belt them out live (look here). Save your Saturday for DJ Hani from Dubai whom you can catch at Club Boudoir (check here) or go over to Vault to enjoy some good mixes of desi and holly tunes (check here). Finally, bring down Sunday with DJs Ritzze, Sami and his friends at Club Boudoir with Electrons Chapter 5. Look here.

Tickle Your Funnybone

It’s a three day festival and it’s gonna set your weekend up for a riot of laughter. Kunal Kamra, Pavitra Shetty, Vaibhav Sethia and more from their creed will be a part of the Kolkata Comedy Festival that begins from Friday and goes on till Sunday. For more deets, check here.