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    Sign Up For This Trek Through The Forest Where You Can Interact With Khasi Friends & Stay In Their Cottages

    Raisa posted on 16 February


    Journeys With Meaning will not just take you on a trek through the dense forests of Meghalaya but also give you first-hand experience of interacting with local Khasis.

    What Is It?

    Always wanted to visit the Northeast? Tick Meghalaya off your bucket list this summer with this week-long adventure through the forest where you get to interact with locals, stay in their cottages and learn about Meghalaya’s culture and history.

    This is your ideal summer vacation right here. Journeys With Meaning will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where you don’t just get to explore the beauty of the rainforests and landscapes of Meghalaya, the wildlife of Kaziranga but also get a chance to interact with the local Khasi friends. You’ll actually live with the locals, in their beautiful cottages surrounded by rivers and hills, basking in their warmth and hospitality, while sharing stories over hot laal chaai. There’s no dirth of how much you can learn about Meghalaya’s history, culture, and environment from people who experience it every day. You’ll even take a couple of safaris through the gorgeous forests of Kaziranga with local ecologists.

    Journeys With Meaning also try to keep their travels ‘responsible’ and they boast of “earth-friendly journeys – featuring India’s most inspiring environmental & social solutions”. What you’ll get along your 7-day journey is a mix of culture, adventure, and wildlife.

    Who Is It For?

    Are you a wildlife enthusiast? You’ll get plenty of opportunity to explore your passion as you walk through the Kaziranga. Love taking photographs? This will be your dream vacay — they will give you hands-on photography lessons! Trek-aholics, the treks through these indescribably gorgeous rainforests are something you need to tick off your bucket lists.

    Always been interested in learning more about the North-East? Here’s your best opportunity. You’ll get to stay as part of the local community, eat what they eat, and maybe even help them harvest the food. It’s the best way to explore the region, bypassing all the cliche tourist-y things and exploring the truest side of the area.

    Why Should I Go?

    Because this is no ordinary journey. If you’re a curious travleer looking for adventures off the beaten track, this week-long trip will give you just that. Journey With Meaning is unlike any other travel company — they make explicit efforts to delve deep into the local culture of the region. Over 7 years, they’ve developed lasting relationships with our Khasi and War hosts, who they consider to be friends rather than local partners.

    Anything Else?

    You can read more about Journeys With Meaning ont their website.

    You’ll have to confirm your participation by April 1. E-mail them at for all the details for the trip. You can also call them at +91 98191 54365.

    When: April 7-15.

    Pocket Pinch: INR 43,150+ {inclusive of INR 22,000 advance while booking}.

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