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    Do Up Your Home Using These Gorgeous Upcycled Pieces Made From Scrap

    Sakshi posted on 21 September


    Saniya’s DunIYa’ is the ‘upcycled world’ of Saniya Agarwal, a lover of everything creative and art. She upcycles what are otherwise escrap items to build pieces that are nothing short of enchanting. Trash can be beautiful!

    Rockstar Upcycled Table And Tyre Stools

    Upcycled bicycles? Doesn’t get environment – friendlier than this! Stands and side tables made using wheels of old bicycles, old PVC pipes, and some wire wound up together.

    One of my favourites, Saniya took her mom’s trousseau trunk and converted it into her own ‘rockstar upcycled table’! Bottle crowns collected from clubs and restraunts across the city, and some help from her friend and Voila – here you have the trendiest table in town!

    Car tyres this time and there you have an even smarter piece. For all you car junkies out there, this would be the perfect sporty addition to your rooms.

    Bottles Centre Piece

    Hosting a dinner party?! Make your table decor a few notches classier by creating your own set of DIY bottles centre piece or corner detailing. She’s painted glass bottles metallic gold or silver from inside and used wax to create that sophisticated effect. Perfect to get you your compliments and better than what you can fetch from an interior store!

    Wall Art With Glass Pieces

    Saniya loves colours and anything that screams out pretty! These stunning pieces of abstract wall art are created by pressing in glass pieces between glass panes and then infusing them with a burst of colours. Aren’t they just perfect to spruce up white breezy walls?

    Ever thought a rustic, thrown away bed could turn into an interior masterpiece?! And that too using coffee and jam jars and coconut shells! Wiser than a game of chess I would say.

    Weave away and make your own mats and rugs using strips of newspapers! We love the idea of dropping in your personality to your abode to make it even more homely and ‘you’.

    Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

    Self obsessed much?! You’re going to love looking at yourself in the mirror even more so now! Sass up the mirrors in your room by adding a hint of glamour, using stones, glitter, smaller mirror pieces or just colourful thread reels put together to create something so beautiful!

    A Remote Painting

    A painting made from remotes and medicines? Yes as weird as it may sound, this has to be one of her most creative and stunning outputs! And we couldn’t love it more.


    A Window Dressing Table

    Look at this old window that has been all ‘dressed up’ with discarded cans, sticks, and net from an air conditioner to make the dresser that a girl would simply love {it also organizes accessories effectively}. Now you know, that just about anything can be made super glam and hot!

    Wind Chimes From Nail Polish Bottles

    Wind chimes are always pretty! But what about a nail varnishes hanging to quirk up your room and make it even more girly and personal? Different is the key word!

    Louise Nevelson

    And guess what, we haven’t even introduced Saniya’s most ‘stared at’ work yet! This installation inspired by Louise Nevelson was put together using computer junk and electronic waste {and spectators at its ICCR exhibition just could not stop looking at it}! Yes, all we can do is stare and wonder in awe.

    Iron Man From Cans and Cycles And A Divider

    What’s more? Oh look, she also made Iron man! Look at this cute art installation build with cans and this vintage styled bicycle that adds the perfect touch of elegance and fun to any space as a corner décor. Paint, upcycle and keep your eyes peeled, and who knows, you just might be able to create something as quirky as this!

    Want to add colour to your monotone room? How about creating a divider made of plumbing material and a whole lot of happy shades?! Yes, it’s handmade with straws, cloth, beads and a whole lot of creative love.

    Upcycle Your Stationery

    Did you also love collecting cute and quirky stationery as a child? Here is how fun they’re going to look once all thrown together! Upcycle erasers, pens, rulers, pencils of varied colours and shapes, arrange them in quirky ways into decorative pieces or table tops, to add tons of colourful zing. Easier to be ‘shown off’ and appreciated, you can also treasure your collectibles in a safer way like this!

    Got Any Cookie Boxes?

    Don’t throw away cookie or whiskey bottle boxes anymore. In fact collect the ones that your friends and family are chucking away too! Here is what you can do with them to whirl up a stylish table décor centre piece which also doubles up as an organiser.


    Tired of zillion pieces of scrap, rubbish piles that you just want to get rid off or junk that has been lying around occupying space uselessly at your home?! You can stir up pretty awesome stuff from these – upcycling simplest of things into quirky pieces of utility and art.

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