#GetLost While Relishing The Sumptuous Street Food On The Streets Of Kolkata

    What Did You Like?

    Kolkata is a vibrant, artistic city. Charming in its own special way, there's a lot that this city offers to see and even more to eat. People here take their food very seriously. With stalls at every street, the city caters well to different taste buds. Some of my top recommendation for street food while you’re in Kolkata are listed below. Sondesh: It is a jaggery based sweet that comes in more than 100 kinds of flavours and shapes. And the best part, in Kolkata, is that you can buy your sweets per piece rather than weight. Phuchkas: Phuchkas to people in Kolkata are what golgappas or pani puri is to us but better. Phuchkas are not just bigger and better but also tastier. Chur-mur: Chur-mur is a variation of Phuchkas. It is crushed and mixed with boiled potatoes. Chur-mur is extremely tasty and spicy as well. Jhal- muri: Jhal-muri is a must-try version of bhel puri but it’s tossed in mustard oil giving it a distinctive zing and enhanced flavour. Jhal-muri is the go-to snack in Kolkata. Chai: People in Kolkata are very serious about their chai. Where there’s food, there’s chai. I prefer calling them chai shots because the cups {kullar} are tiny and very convenient. Kolkata runs on regular tea, black tea and lemon masala chai. Rolls: Rolls are definitely the best street food in Kolkata, hands down. Egg, mutton, chicken, cheese, you name it and they have it. Make sure that you try all of these things the next time you are in Kolkata.

    What Could Be Better?

    When in Kolkata, be ready for a great food experience. You don’t need to jot down a specific list for restaurants and there's absolutely nothing that could have been better.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under INR 500

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, and Kids