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Cricketer Chris Gayle Parties & DJs At This Kolkata Bar: Have You Been Yet?

Raisa posted on 25 October


M Bar & Kitchen on Park Street is where we are heading to this weekend for a night of partying and exotic alcohol.

How To Get There

M Bar & Kitchen is in the middle of the entertainment hub of the city – on the crossing of Park Street and Camac Street. You’ll find the bar inside the Magma building, {walk into the premises through the main Park Street entrance you can’t miss the giant red ‘M’ sign. If you’re in the mood for a hard-core foodie meal with martinis to wash it down and Punjabi and desi music to keep you going, you’ve come to the right place. It’s just the right amount of sophisticated restaurant and intense partying.

Raising The Bar

The décor screams industrial chic {although you may not be able to see much of the décor – the place is really dark and perfect for partying}. Long bar {it’s 26 feet long!} decked up with funky lights made of Absolute bottles and attentive bar tenders means you’re going to have a boozy weekend.

By far the coolest thing about the bar is that the wall behind it has rows of Grey Goose bottles to make an “infinity fountain”. This place is all about free-flowing liquor and vodka lovers cannot miss. The bar also boasts of a range of imported wines and beers – everywhere from Russia and Poland to Australia and USA.

Not a fan of alcohol? Their mocktails are just as fun. Try the Gondhoraj Basil Mojito or the Chatka Merry – quirky takes on classic cocktails.

Food > Party

Love your food way too much to bother with partying? M Bar also has a restaurant-style seating section where you can gorge on their main courses and small plates. Their menu is largely contemporary Italian with homemade ravioli, pizzas, spaghettis and even crostini.

If you come early in the day you’ll get a combination of soft rock and old classic English songs before the hip hop, Punjabi and international pop numbers hit it off at night.

What We Love

Besides the fact that they have an extensive drinks menu {which includes Bira!}, they have ample valet parking which is a huge perk on the forever-crowded Park Street. During the IPL months, you may even run into a couple on international cricketers – Chris Gayle was spotted behind the bar and DJ console earlier this year!


Weekend nights can get intensely crowded and there can be a pretty high cover charge {INR 1,500+ for a couple} but if you head here earlier in the day you can avoid the extra charge.

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Magma House Complex, 24, Park Street Area, Kolkata