We Found Nandos Sauces And Italian Truffle Oil At This Store In Elgin

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What Makes It Awesome

We literally let out a yelp of surprise the moment we walked into this store! After all, how often is it that you walk into a bookstore and spot boxes of Froot Loops, nori seaweed sheets, sushi rice and ( holy hell!) even Nandos sauces on the racks! Story in Elgin Road has packed its ground floor with imported gourmet food and our American pop culture-filled imagination is doing a happy dance to it.

The box of Kellogg's Froot Loops marshmallow is the first thing that we bagged here. Expensive for sure (set me back by INR 925) for a breakfast cereal, but this is the first place I spotted it in Kolkata and I have no recent plans of travelling to any other Indian metropolis at the moment. Other different imported varieties of Kellogg's are there for grabs, too.

The next thing that caught our eyes was a row of bright, colourful bottles. On closer inspection, we found these were Nandos special sauces! There was legit none to be found here, until Story's newly added gourmet food section! Now you don't have to keep craving Nandos famous Peri-Peri flavours until you make that visit to Delhi (Nandos has a restro only in Delhi) because you can simply pick up the sauce right here!

Like every gourmet food store, you'll find several canned meat products, but preservatives give us the heebeejeebies so we steered away. But we found nori sheets and sushi vinegar - so sushiheads say a big 'yay'. Priced around INR 295 and INR 280, both reasonable for gourmet foods, tbh. What's more reasonable are gourmet groceries like sushi rice, Thai sticky rice, couscous and others. A bag of 200 gm each costs around INR 140. Make things more exotic and pick up the imported truffle oil or a pack of fermented soybean bean paste.

For the fancy pants beverage lover, there's am amazing variety of imported gourmet teas available here. Matcha to African Rooibos and Twining's imported packs - there's plenty to indulge in.

Oh, and just to seal the deal on a sweet note you can load up on a variety of imported chocolates and biscuits too. We found ladyfingers for tiramisu, Ritter chocolates, pop tarts and a whole lot more.

How Much Did It Cost

Prices start at INR 200 and can go up to INR 3,000!

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