We're Totally Drooling Over Shivani Verma's Colourful, Hand-Painted Home Accents


    What Makes It Awesome?

    It's midway between burning a hole in your pocket for buying a painting and buying necessary home accents for your crib. We stumbled across Shivani Verma's hand-painted boxes, trays, plates and coasters (so like an artwork) at Artsy cafe while rummaging through their book rack.

    A sucker for folk art, the bright colourful Madhubani art box with a fish caught my eye. Vibrant floral motifs, geometric patterns, folk motifs (found a brilliant Kathakali painting table art) and even simple abstract patterns, the home utility items get a new look and feel with it.

    Though based out of Mumbai, Shivani is open to taking orders and is also ready to customise the items. It's a fortnight's wait from placing the order and getting it delivered, but you can also just walk in to Arsty and buy a few.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Prices start at INR 450.