Get Past The Regular Misal And Gorge On This Misal Fry Instead!

    Ghatkopar East, Mumbai


    If you like to experiment a little and do not mind some shady, odd looking restaurant as long as it serves delicious food, then keep reading because you’re going to love Hotel Pooja and it best kept secret- the misal fry.

    Say Whaaat?

    A small restaurant in Santacruz {East} – Hotel Pooja, a place we would totally overlook otherwise, serves the good ole misal pav with a twist. The original misal is reduced and then made more awesome by the spicy tadka. It tastes amazing and one just cannot have a single bite of the misal fry here.

    Look past the cleanliness and the unkempt look of the place and just order yourself this delight. And if you can’t overlook it, just order in, because what you can’t see can’t hurt you right!

    So We Are Saying...

    At INR 40, this is a dish worth trying! The restaurant is located near Amar Brass in Kalina, so we suggest you make your way there really soon.

      Ghatkopar East, Mumbai