What Is It?

The Andheri branch of Woodside Inn restaurant is celebrating its fifth birthday with an offer for five alcoholic drinks {beers, cocktails or sangrias} for INR 500 this Thursday.

Who Is It For?

It’s for the drinkers, savers, party-people and anyone who believes in the concept of cheap booze. Bonus points if you are already in Andheri.

Why Should I Go?


Five seems to be the number of the hour, and we’re giving you five reasons to go.

One, Because the end of the month has hit you hard; two, you want payback from Woodside for all the other times you’ve paid through your nose for their drinks {j/k, we love that place, worth every penny}; three, it’s the perfect chance to give that pending treat to your office peeps; four, you must pick a side in the battle of the Andheri bars {check out what’s happening at Brewbot and at Independence Brewing Co. the very same night}, and five, you love alcohol.

Anything Else?

You will have to pay a few bucks more for taxes, but we think that this is going to be a pretty epic night. Don’t you?

Also, check out this music-app if you want to know what sort of music would be orchestrating this rager of a party.

Where: Woodside Inn

When: Thurs, 29 Sept

Timings: 11.30am–1am

Contact: 022 26328963

Photos courtesy: Woodside Inn