9 Reasons Why These Are The Ultimate Vacation Homes For Team Celebrations!

Amidst crazy work schedules, break toh banta hai! And to solve these woes, SaffronStays’ exclusively launched it’s corporate vertical! Its private vacation homes & estates make for the perfect getaway. Situated just 2-4 hours from Mumbai & Pune, these homes are idyllic for offsite and team outings. Your work fam is precious, even though you might not realise it. Tell you why? Because we spend the maximum part of the day with our colleagues & they probably help you get through those tricky hours at work with alacrity.

Here are 9 occasions when you should be planning your corporate offsite:

Welcoming new recruits

What better way to have an ice-breaker session with the new employees than at a vacation home that’s surrounded by nature, yummylicious food & a pool to chill in?

Appreciating your top performers

One way to keep the energy upbeat within the team is to motivate & encourage their hard work. Acknowledging it, outside the office space, with the entire team relaxed & chilled in the lap of nature is one hell of a way to go about it. 

Know your employee’s family

A corporate retreat with your family is a superb way to get your family acquainted with your work fam & vice versa. All under one roof. 

Brainstorming your next move

Productivity increases 10x when you’re brainstorming while chilling inside a pool, sipping on mocktails. Who knows, you might just get your next AHA! strategy to beat your competition while enjoying a game of water polo! 

New product launch party

Celebrating a new product launch over dinner-and-drinks is kind of a thing of the past. Why not whisk your team away to a comfy yet stunning vacation home & celebrate the launch success? 

Day-off from work

The most obvious one! Take your entire team out for a day or a weekend outside the city & you’ll see the difference in the team. They’re bound to go as colleagues, and come back as family!  

Toast to promotions & successes

Technically, employees/colleagues form the most important part of the corporate ecosystem and it’s imperative that they take a breather, occasionally. Whether to celebrate their promotions or your firm’s success, SaffronStays vacation homes are ideal for large team celebrations.! 

Keep your loyal customers happy

Happy customers equal loyal customers. What better way to thank those who’ve bet their faith in you and seen you grow than rewarding them with a holiday? Gifting takes a whole new meaning when you involve families of the ones you want to gift.

Gift your business partners

Gifting experiences is always a good idea. And gifting a holiday in sprawling vacation home for a weekend getaway just might be the perfect way to acknowledge your business partner’s contribution! 


One can book these estates for a day’s event as well as overnight weekend getaways that include all your meals and an array of perks like karaoke/music, bartender services, mic & speakers, snacks and so on! Their package for a day’s event ranges between INR 1999 - 3999 per person while overnight stays vary between INR 3999 - 6999 per person. All you’ve got to do is plan it with your work fam & head out already.