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    Craving A Quick Food Fix? You Won’t Be Disappointed With This Brands’ Ready-To-Eat Meals

    Vaishnavi posted on 20 December


    The busy city life got you running out of time? We found you something that'll help you curb your hunger pangs real quick. Gits has an expansive range of ready-to-eat products – that are all natural. 

    Meals On-The-Go

    We all love the Gits Gulab Jamuns, amirite? If you too are a fan just like us, then let us introduce you to these ready-to-eat meal options that are fully cooked using the traditional methods, all you have to do is Heat & Eat! So whether it’s an emergency such as unexpected visitors at home or restaurant delivery’s taking too long, Gits products have been lifesavers. Using the Retort Sterilization machines made in USA, the Gits plant in Pune bring the safest and freshest packaged food to us.
    But, the best thing about Gits products is that they’re free of preservatives and artificial colours, but still have a longer than usual shelf life at room temperature. Some of the products we love are Rajma Chawal, Pau Bhaji, Dal Makhani & Veg Biryani. Did you know they traditionally cook their Dal Makhani for 10 hours on a tandoor! OMG! Also, this is so much better than calling for food when hunger pangs creep in.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Now you know who to rely upon for fast and tasty meals, don’t you? Taste it to believe it. Don’t take our word for it, order on their website and use coupon code LBB20 to get 20% off on their ready meals. Check out their  Facebook & Instagram to stay updated.

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