Yum In The Tum: Give A Delicious HERSHEY’S Twist To Your Routine Dishes

Vaishnavi posted on 17 January

Parent Squad, are you tired of the countless bahanas your kids give to avoid eating routine food? Well, HERSHEY'S India understands your worries and voila! We came across these amazing recipes in association with HERSHEY’S, together with celebrity chef Ranveer Brar & parents just like you! Grab your HERSHEY'S pack and don the chef's hat to create these 5 yummy recipes which combine goodness and taste. Best part? HERSHEY’S products add a unique flavour to the regular recipes and give them an exciting makeover in a jiffy. Read on to know more.  

HERSHEY’S 90-Second Mug Cake

Ever thought that a mouth-watering cake can be prepared in just 90 seconds? This delicious Mug Cake recipe delivers just that!

-  1 tbsp HERSHEY’S Cocoa
- 1 tbsp flax seed powder (soaked in 2 tbsp water for 15 mins) or 1 egg
-  1 tbsp castor sugar
-  1½ tbsp refined flour
-  ½ tsp baking powder
-  1 tbsp butter
-  2 tbsp HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup
-   ¼ cup icing sugar, for dusting
-  1 mug

- Soak 1 tbsp of flaxseed powder in very little water.
-Take a mug and add 1 tbsp HERSHEY’s Cocoa, 1 tbsp castor sugar, 1½ tbsp refined flour, ½ tsp baking powder.
-Mix it with 1 tbsp of butter, 1 tbsp of soaked flax seed mix and 2 tbsp of HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup. Beat the mixture.
- Pop the mixture in a microwave for 90 seconds and once done, garnish with icing sugar. That’s all! The delicious mug cake is ready.
-  Please note: Instead of flaxseed mixture, you can also use 1 egg.  

HERSHEY’S Emoji Idlis

Our very favourite Idli-Chutney has got a fancy makeover. We found you something that’s both delicious and wholesome.

- ½ cup HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavored Syrup
- ½ cup HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup
- Idli Batter
- ½ cup beetroot juice
- 1 cup rice flour
- 2 tbsp HERSHEY’S Cocoa
- 1 tbsp oil
- piping paper

- Separate three equal parts of batter in separate bowls. In the first part of the batter, add little beetroot juice and HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavored Syrup and mix well. Add rice flour if needed to thicken the batter.
- Divide the second part of batter in two bowls. In one bowl, add little beetroot juice and HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavored Syrup and mix well. In another bowl, add HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup and HERSHEY’S Cocoa and mix well.
- Make two cones from butter paper or take piping bags and fill separately the strawberry flavoured batter in one, chocolate flavoured batter in another and keep aside. Keep the third part of batter as it is.
- Heat water in the idli steamer. Grease the idli plates with oil, put muslin cloth over mould and then pour the strawberry flavoured batter in idli mould and in another mould pour the white batter and keep idlis for steaming.
- Once the idlis are cooked about 75% (about 10 minutes), then using the piping bag batter make emojis on the idlis. On the white idlis, use the strawberry flavoured batter and on the strawberry idlis use the chocolate flavoured batter.
-Put the idlis back to cook fully for about 5-10 minutes.
-Remove the idlis, when slightly cool and serve.

HERSHEY’S Superhero Paratha

Breakfast, lunch or as snacks, the superhero paratha recipe is easy to make and will fill your kid’s tummy up instantly.

For the Chocolate Flavored Paratha
- 1/3 cup HERSHEY'S Chocolate Flavored Syrup
-  ¼ cup ragi flour
- ¾ cup wheat flour
-  1 tbsp ghee

For Strawberry Flavored Paratha
-  ¼ cup HERSHEY'S Strawberry Flavored Syrup
- ¼ cup beetroot juice
-  1 cup wheat flour
- 1 tbsp ghee

- Other ingredients for garnish:
-  HERSHEY'S Chocolate Flavored Syrup
-  HERSHEY'S Strawberry Flavored Syrup
-  ¼ cup processed cheese, grated

For Chocolate Flavored Paratha:
-Take ¼ cup of finger millet flour (ragi atta) and ¾ cups of whole wheat flour (atta).
- Mix ⅓ cup HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup, ghee and knead into firm dough.
-Add water if required.
- Roll out a paratha and cook it with ghee. Garnish with grated cheese.

For Strawberry Flavored Paratha:
-Take ¾ cups of whole wheat flour and add HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavoured Syrup, beetroot juice, ghee and knead into firm dough.
-Add water if required.
- Roll out a paratha and cook it with ghee. Garnish with grated cheese.

HERSHEY’S No Bake Brownie

Did you ever think that a regular bowl of oats could turn into a delectable No Bake Brownie? Here’s a recipe that doesn’t even need an oven!


- ¼ cup almonds
- ¼ cup cashews
- ½ cup oats
- 2 tbsp sunflower seeds
- water
- 1 cup HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup
- 8 Medjool dates
- ½ cup HERSHEY’S Cocoa
- 1 tsp butter
- ¼ cup walnuts

-Toast 1 cup of oats and while they are being toasted, slice dry-fruits of your choice. Add 1 tsp sunflower seeds to toasted oats.
-Take a pan, pour some water and heat it. Add a cup HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup and mix it till it starts to gain volume. Add the toasted oats, sunflower seed mixture and chopped dry fruits. Mix it till thick. Add the chopped dates and HERSHEY’S Cocoa. Cook the mixture.
-Take a baking tray, grease it well, put in the mixture and add a few more sunflower seeds. Top it with walnuts -Keep it in the refrigerator and once set, cut it into pieces. Serve chilled.

HERSHEY’S Happy Sips

Just like the name suggests, these are light, easy to make shakes and taste absolutely delicious. Bonus – the Strawberry Flavored Oat Milk is lactose-free!  

HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavored Oat Milk
- ¼ cup HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavored Syrup
-1 cup oats
- 1 cup water

HERSHEY’S Caramel Flavored Corn Flakes Smoothie
- ¼ cup HERSHEY’S Caramel Flavored Syrup
- ¼ cup cornflakes
- 1 banana
- 1 cup milk

HERSHEY'S Chocolate Flavored Wheat Flakes Smoothie
- ¼  cup HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup
- 1 cup milk
- ¼ cup wheat flakes
- Dry fruits of your choice
- 3 to 4 oats cookies

- Add 1 cup oats, ¼ cup HERSHEY’S Strawberry Flavored Syrup & 1 cup water in a blender & mix. The first happy sip is ready. This is advisable for those who are lactose intolerant.
- For the second happy sip, add all the ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth mixture.
-  This one is for milk and nut-lovers. Add all the ingredients in the blender and you are good to go. Garnish with finely chopped nuts.

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Disclaimer: These recipes are Chef's creation only