New Year, New Beginnings: Our Guide To Resolutions For The Year To Come

Oindrilla posted on 03 January


We’ve all fallen into the trap of our will power testing us, and us falling prey to the lack of it. Resolutions don’t need a day dedicated to it, they say. But the good part is that we at least start somewhere. And what is better than kicking off a New Year with better plans, right? We're bringing you the best of few things. And we hope you make this year worth it, for yourself. 

You Are What You Eat

Healthy and tasty can go hand in hand, and we all know that. It is time we implement that too with some delivery websites that promise to enhance your life-span. 

Being on a diet is not what you think it is, anymore. Dial-A-Diet delivers calorie-counted meals garnished with good taste, starting from INR 3,200 for 20 meals of the month.

With an in-house nutritionist planning your diet, Happy Grub Tiffin Service meals don't burn a hole in your pocket, with an executive plan starting from INR 90. 

Whether you want to gain some muscles or lose some, Calorie Care has customized packages and meal plans for you, starting from INR 130.

Run It Out

No better way to stay fit than jogging or running it out in the open. While Mumbai seems like a cramped up city, it also has lush green gardens and running tracks for you to burn those calories you've been wanting to, since forever! 

If you live in or around Malabar Hills, and are seeking some morning solace before the day's grind sucks the energy out of you, paying a visit to Priyadarshini Park is a must!

Want to jog across a fish pond and a wooden bridge? Nirvana Park inside Hiranandani Gardens of Powai should be on your list then.

While it is the most mainstream one for every south Mumbaikar, we cannot deny the fact that Shivaji Park in Dadar also offers some great political and cultural history. Run to your heart's content, grab a cup of tea, and admire this significant piece of land.


Napean Sea Road, Walkeshwar, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

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Learn Something New

Hobbies are a great way to enrich your lifestyle. And picking up something new should definitely be in your list of to-dos. The simple reason being that it will only rejuvenate your mind and heart, and help you open up to new ideas. 

All of us fancy brilliant fragrances that a soap brings with it. Why not learn to make one at your home, on your own? It's a low-cost hobby, and willpower a fun and simple one. This workshop will guide you on the entire process, so book your dates. 

Creating a terrarium is the most innovative method to build a garden of your own. This open-air tabletop greenery is not only easy to create, but also a fun and therapeutic experience.  If you just want to add to your home decor, here's one place you should check out. 

Make those colorful threads your best friend, and create beautiful artwork through this easy form of stitching. Buy yourself a cross-stitching kit from Itsy Bitsy or your local market, and see how it gets you stitching in no time. 

Plan Out Your Life

Planning makes a man perfect, as per the saying. We don't know about perfection, but one can really try and give some shape to this journey with these quirky Planner and Calendar brands.

Alicia Souza surely knows how to steal our hearts with designs full of quirk. This year, she has a newer slot that's ready to impress you. Check out what she does here

Sky Goodies DIY Typewriter calendars are perfect to give your side-table an edge. And for anyone looking for gifting options, you ought to consider this brand.

Whimsies by Carousel makes mini easel calendars that are perfect to not only decorate, but also to amp up your planning game. After all, visual creativity provides inspiration to plan better, right?

Gift Shops

Bungalow 29, Ground Floor, Chuim Village Road, Danda, Khar West, Mumbai

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Wander and Wonder

Let this year also be about impromptu explorations. The wonders of wandering through these non-commercial regions will only accentuate your adrenaline. 

Jawhar is a little city, and also a Municipal Council, is situated in the Palghar district of the State and is known for its rich cultural heritage pertaining to the Koli community of Maharashtra. Head there for it's picturesque setting, and if excavating history interests you. 

Think of nature trails, think of Durshet. This tiny settlement near Khopoli is full of Mahua tree plantations, butterflies, and various species of insects. If you do plan a visit here, head to this lodge for your stay. 

Get enthralled by a unique firefly-mating dance in the village of Purushwadi. Just four hours away from the city, this fascinating sight will soothe your heart more than you know! 

Gorge On

If you haven't tried these restaurants in Mumbai yet, here's your chance to change that in 2019. 

Fill your cup by yourself, with your own choice of toppings and condiments, and savor your frozen yogurt at Menchies Frozen Yogurt. While you're at it, don't miss out on the Chocolate Raspberry and Banana Strawberry flavors.

Munch on some Almond Cake or drink up some nourishing Mutton Stew at the Village Shop, a Bandra cafe that's perfect for spending time with either your partner, or friends, or cherishing some me-time with a novel. 

Anncensored: Chicken Chilly Kulchas under colorful umbrellas, anyone? You've got your fix now! Visit Anncensored for their innovative ambience and food that's finger-licking good. 

Dessert Parlours

Shop 1/6, Shyam Vihar, Near Khar Telephone Exchange, Khar Pali Road, Khar, Mumbai