A Chinese Delivery Joint Serving A Variety Of Dimsums & Momos, Order Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

A delivery joint with a serving so many varieties in dim sums including the ones with a modern twist is all you will need to fill up your belly. Dimsum Wu is located in Goregaon and delivers to about the distance of 5-6 kilometres. The varieties this place serve including everything from the Classic Dimsums to the one having a modern Tandoori twist to them, along with this there are a few starters and main course dish which you definitely wouldn't wanna miss out on.

Spinach Wrapped Fish Steamy Dumplings is a dish that will get your eyes for its exceptional combination and it does stand up to the excitement. The tender delicate taste of the fish with juices of spinach make good flavours. From the rest, the Shrimp Sui Mai Dimsums, Chicken Steamed Momos and Crystals Waterchestnut Dimsums is one not to be missed out on. These steamy dumplings give a great taste and wonderful crunchiness that makes it delicious to taste.

Suzu FireFish is one starter that is definite go, hot and spicy flavour leaving a slightly sweet aftertaste of the tender pan tossed fish. The intense garlic flavour of this will be successful in tempting your Umami.

The Rice and Noodles here particularly have the hot and sweet flavour to them from the Chinese sauces they are tossed in. The classic Chicken Nasi Goreng And Malaysian Chicken Noodles are the ones you will love to have, the good ole Chinese dishes surely don't disappoint.

The place overall is sure to be ordered once from, especially the Dimsums as it houses several delicious variations to be excited for.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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