A Health Plan Curated Just To Suit Your Lifestyle! Find out How.

    What Makes It Awesome

    We all know the secret to a healthy body - eat right, exercise well & you’re on the path to achieve that goal. However, we seldom follow it! Sometimes due to our crazy work schedule or out of sheer laziness, we skip this important step. Tattvum Dietary Consultants LLP, founded by Dietitian. Manoli Mehta, bridges this gap between our lifestyle & a healthy diet routine. 
    Manoli Mehta is a Certified Diabetes Educator and specialises in weight loss and PCOS.  She has extensive experience in working with patients suffering from diabetics and endocrinological disorders. She is the founder and manages the entire business as well as the consultation of patients at Tattvum. She has also been writing blogs for various magazines and websites like Momspresso, Women fitness org, Diabetic living, Unkrate, Discover on the Mat, and many more. Tattvum has over 350+ clients across India and clientele overseas (Dubai/Ab Dhabi/Chicago/Singapore/Paris/Berlin). Basically, these diet plans are available for anyone across the globe. 

    The unique part about Tattvum is their tailor-made diet plan (one diet plan is for 10 days). Dt. Manoli Mehta personally charts out a plan according to your needs and lifestyle preferences (likes dislikes, eating time, portion size, work hours, tiffin options, workout routine, medical history, personal history etc). You will be given a diet plan only after a detailed assessment and more importantly, based on what will suit your current lifestyle. Usually, we get a diet plan that requires us to alter our lifestyle to fit the diet, but here, your meal plan is retrofitted to suit your schedule. It makes it easier to follow, amirite?

    Also, once you start with your plan, you get continuous assessment and guidance via WhatsApp/ email/Instagram/Facebook/Skype/Facetime/ Zoom/Google duo (phew!) So, there is complete accessibility to resolve your queries at any given point in time. Once you’ve achieved the desired results, they provide you with a maintenance plan that prevents you from gaining back the weight that you lost. 

    Now, if you’re someone who loves a good ol’ challenge?  We urge you to take on their 8-week online challenge plan! You will learn how to alter your lifestyle and diet in a way that will give you long-lasting results, and not just quick fixes. It helps you clean your system (internally), achieve hormonal balance & reach your optimum balanced weight. For women who suffer from PCOS the 8-week challenge helps you in such a way that it sets a routine of a healthy balanced diet that you eventually get used to. This helps in the long run. 


    Dt. Manoli Mehta also provides varied guide-plans. If you’re traveling somewhere, If you’re in the mood for a takeaway from your favourite restaurant, in the mood for a ‘cheat meal’ or just to simply maintain your diet for a lifetime? Worry not, get in touch with Dt. Manoli Mehta & she will guide you as to what to eat/order on the spot. She will study the menu & tell you what you can order, without feeling the ‘guilt’ of calories! The maintenance guide, especially, comes in very handy. So, attaining a healthy body ain’t that hard after all!