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A Cool Resto Bar Like Marvel Avenger With Interactive Smart Tables And Stock Exchange

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What Makes It Awesome?

What if I had to tell you, a newly opened casual resto-bar at Saki Naka could be as cool as a Marvels Avenger Movie? Well, am not talking about Captian Marvel, Thanos or Tony Stark.

As cool as Tony Stark is perhaps, Drinx Exchange has got similar tech ammunition to elevate your FNB experience with super aggressive and competitive prices. For starters, Drinx Exchange boasts about interactive smart tables, virtual reality inside a bar and of course the most popular bar stock exchange format.

This may sound a bit like a product review, rather than a restaurant. Well, it is what it is and sooooo true. The tables in this FNB concept are a game-changing experience.

▶You can see lyrics on your table for songs played by the DJ
▶If you ordered a drink and it's price increases you can see it displayed on your table. The table light blinks when it shows you the notification.
▶You can see cricket score updates
▶3D visuals and animations are displayed on the tables based on the mood and tempo of the songs
▶Your name is displayed in 3D at the bar and across all tables, while there is a vote for the crash - A feature for the bar patrons which can be initiated by the Mobile APP
▶Finally, no more long bill hassles. You can now see your real-time bill item wise displayed on the table with of course the hard copy printed in the old fashion way.

Well, the drinks and food do not disappoint either, the scope for improvement surely. The bar menu contains molecular cocktails to choose from besides the regular classic cocktails and finger food dishes. Would recommend the following drinks/ dishes:
▶The Enlightened Bulb - Green
▶Watermelon Basil Smash
▶Beer Island Iced Tea
▶Strawberry Daiquiri
▶Bhurji Pav
▶Locha Naan
▶Old Monk Chicken Wings
▶Hummus Platter
▶Sicilia Pizza
▶Triple Schezwuan

What Could Be Better?

The serving staff seemed new and were left unsure on a couple of occasions. But I could afford to give that a pass since this is a new setup and would still like the management/ training department to take note. While some of the dishes were served instantly the other took a while longer than expected.

How Much Did It Cost

₹5,00 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae