Blend Of South & North Cuisine Along With Yum Drinks At This Talli Turmeric!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Talli Turmeric is a well thought and executed combination of the cuisines from the South and North of India along with some well-crafted drinks. Talli Turmeric is the only outlet in Mumbai which is in Worli. This is in the very famous Atria mall on the ground floor. There is a mall Parking available. The restaurant is spacious and lit.

From outside it appears to be grand, when entered inside it is grand and very beautiful. It is more of a classy family restaurant where families can have a get-together and for couples to have a nice evening spent together. Not all the tables but some tables had candlelight, so that makes for an even better place for a romantic dinner date.

The menu is compact, enough and has something for everyone. Our table was managed by Hussain and the manager at the restaurant was Rohit. Both were courteous, polite and professional. The bartender was excellent too at what he does. One of the cocktails he made was classy (read more to know)


To start with we were served with ICE TURMERIC - this is a nice way to greet customers. This was a mixture of Milk, Ginger, Cinnamon and Turmeric, in other words, it is "Haldi ka doodh". If Haldi ka doodh was so tasty, I would have had it ready when I have a cough. It was served cold which made it even tastier.

The term Talli symbolizes that they serve alcohol so we tried a few drinks. The best of Mocktail was GINGER MINGER - It is a mixture of Ginger, Green Apple, Lime and apple juice. All the ingredients are mixed well before straining it into a Goblet glass.

The glass was garnished with a slice of Green Apple. The drink had a slight taste of Green Apple and Ginger evident; addition of lime made this mocktail a refreshing one. Cocktails at Talli Turmeric are fancy enough for you to choose from. We chose the mighty PINK CLOUD - This is a vodka-based cocktail, which was again served in a Goblet glass.

Firstly, the pomegranates are crushed, then added with Lemon juice, Triple sec, pomegranate juice and Vodka. The contents are mixed thoroughly and added to the glass. This mixture is topped with pomegranate foam and pomegranates are sprinkled over it. This is a superb cocktail with nice fruity flavour and strongness of vodka. it is an Insta-worthy drink.


Food has a lot of options here and limited items for everyone but if you like everything then you are in for a treat. There is something for the North Indian cuisine lovers and something for the South Indian cuisine lovers. I am more of a North person hence we went for PANEER AMBI TIKKA. This is 4-piece starter served with an amazing green chutney.

The paneer was perfectly square cut and marinated in Yellow gravy and charcoal grilled. It was extremely soft and had a tangy and sweet taste. I strongly recommend to have it with the green chutney to get the amazing taste and take the dish to the next level. I tried something in South Indian cuisine even though I am not a fan of that. We ordered GUNPOWDER POTATOES.

This dish is amazing in looks with small baby potatoes cut into half and marinated in the gunpowder masala which is made by mixing various daals and masala and is an authentic south dish. I loved the feel of the dish and the taste of potatoes were good but my friend liked the dish and so I can say that the dish was made authentically and south lovers would love it for sure, especially with the coconut chutney served.

I found limited options for me in the Mains hence I ordered an item, not from the menu - PANEER TIKKA MASALA. It was one of the best items had here. The paneer was ultra-soft and finger-sized. The gravy was heavenly. in addition to this, I had this with Amritsari kulcha which made it so amazing and nothing can be better than it. The dish was very filling and looked great as well.

They have a few homemade pickles which I urge you to try. I tried a few and found the best one to be LOUKI KA MURABBA. The pickle game is well planned and executed.


The desserts here are mostly Indian. Hence, I got an opportunity to capitalize on them. I did not miss the change to order the well-known and loved by most - JALEBI WITH RABDI. To your surprise, I have never had this till date. This was an Indian dessert with fresh Jalebis served with some cold rabdi. I am not a fan of jalebis because they aren't generally of this quality.

Here the Jalebis were fresh and crispy and did not feel too much when consumed even though they are made in ghee. When dipped in Rabdi the combination turned out to be heavenly. The rabdi too was soft and medium-thick, not too sweet and complimented the Jalebis well. I would love to have this again. The next one is an Indian dessert fusion.

MOTICHOOR ICECREAM; Wait! do not run away. I need you to try this to know how amazing this can be. This was a very good fusion. It was served in a Martini glass with two scoops of the same. The motichoor taste was so subtle that I can't imagine how this was made but it tastes very good. I think it is a little expensive but worth a try. In the end, we were provided with sweet Paan. It was a lovely way to end things on a good note.


Other items ordered were Mint lemonade, The big easy, Manglorean kori ghee roast & Laal Maas. Some other dishes or items to try here are Appam, Turmeric Latte and Paneer Makhanwala. The chefs here are different, in other words, the Chef specializing in North Indian food will only make that and vice versa. We loved the experience and good to know such places exist.

Cuisines served: North Indian, Mughlai, South Indian

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South and North Indian cuisine, Good ambience for family

Crafted drinks

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