A Whisky Sour That Can Cure Your Monday Blues

    What Makes It Awesome

    Say hello to Yuzu whiskey sour, Mumbai. Estella sure knows their way around a bar and how to serve up a great drink. The bitter to sweet ratio and whiskey perfectly blended in, making it a cocktail to knock your socks off and make you ready to ask for seconds. Also given that it's a beach-facing restaurant, the ambiance is just terrific to let loose after a long day at work.

    What's My Pro Tip

    Make sure you order the small plates and I highly recommend the the duck crostini with edamame-a starter that's packed with punch and flavour. For the mains, they have the only deconstructed lamb Wellington I've had in Mumbai, so for the main event there is no better show for your appetite.

    Anything Else

    This place is pricey, so be ready as whiskey nirvana ain't cheap. Cocktails are priced at INR 500 upwards, small plates range from INR 400-800 and the mains are priced at INR 600 upwards. This place has an infinity bar {which is super cool}. I totally recommend this place for a romantic date, or just any special occasion or celebration.