James Franco, Tom Hardy, Pierce Brosnan & More: Add These 5 Series To Your Must-Watch List This Season

Abhijeet posted on 16 October

Have you been keeping busy and unable to get the updates on IMDB for the latest TV shows that are kicking ass? If you have been feeling GOT withdrawal {it’s a thing}, we have got awesome recommendations as to what should be next on your watch list.  These are this season’s top 5 TV shows that you simply can’t ignore.


If fiction was real we would be there.  Starring the very talented, and super handsome, Tom Hardy, who has produced the series along with Ridley Scott {remember Alien?}, is a story of a man believed to be dead. When he suddenly appears in London during the war of 1812 and plans to rebuild his dad’s shipping empire, both, her majesty’s government and a very nasty East India Company stand in his way. Though the series is strictly a thriller, it has an undertone of supernatural {and a very incestuous relationship between Tom Hardy and his half-sister}, which mixed with the acting talent of the actor makes it an unmissable entertainment. If you love period thriller-action-drama {Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire}, you’ve got to catch this series on Hollywood on Cafe from October 16 onwards.


We honestly believe that Stephen King is a superstar. Whatever he writes is essentially Hollywood-gold and that’s why the series, 11/22/63, which by the way, marks the date John F Kennedy was assassinated, is a must-watch! It is a story of a school teacher who finds a way to time travel and tries to change the course of history by preventing the assassination. If you are fan of sci-fi, totally into time-travel and all the problems it poses, or loved the movie Pi or Primer, you have got to add it to your watch list.

The Young Pope

When you find yourself at the helm of the papacy; you are by default in charge of the destiny of over a billion people. And that means your every breath is scrutinized. But what if you couldn’t give one single F***? That’s the story being told in the latest series The Pope! Starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton, The Pope will have you puffing over the blasphemy in one moment and quietly smirking over arrogance in the very next. If you loved the Borgias and the Tudors, you got to watch this on Zee Café.

The Son

The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan, is an epic that tells the story of one oil baron, and his family, set in the backdrop of Texas. Be ready to witness lot of blood, corruption and manipulation. If you love TV series with strong lead characters, we highly recommend you to catch this on Zee Café.


The best kind of dramas is the ones set in the political circles. And when you have Idris Elba in a leading role, you know you are only going to get quality. A limited miniseries that brings alive the London of 1970s, Guerrilla a story of a couple, and how their belief in each other is tested, when they form an underground radical cell. Watch it on Zee café from October 16 onwards.

Are you up for some thrilling, breathtaking and wonderful experience? Find these series and more on Hollywood on Cafe, a special offering by Zee Cafe that is bringing the superstars from Hollywood to our very own rooms from October 16th onwards.