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Everybody Dances To Techno: Delhi Singer-Songwriter, Dot. Is Performing In Mumbai

Jayati posted on 02 August

What Is It?

Aditi aka Dot. {or Aditi Saigal} is a fine, young singer from Delhi, and she’s all set to perform in Mumbai on August 9 at Bonobo, 9pm onward. It is being organised by Tiny Big Scene, Rock Street Journal’s newest series that will showcase upcoming artists in the independent music scene.

Who Is It For?

If fun, whimsical music on piano coupled with beautiful vocals is your cup of musical tea, Dot. {as she calls herself} will give you that.

It’s going to be a lovely gig. In case, you need some convincing, listen to one of our favourite songs, Asymmetrical, Dot.’s ode to her psychology teacher, Mrs Pearson.

Why Should I Go?

Dot. has some of the most beautiful songs, and lyrics that can light up a room. Daughter of late Amit Saigal, the founder of Rock Street Journal, Aditi is studying at Bangor University in Wales. Inspired by things around her, and places, she has written a melodious song, Alaw, dedicated to the Welsh folks.

Upbeat, pop and relatable lyrics is what you get from Dot., and we suggest you don’t miss out on this one. Another one for you,  you must check out Dot.’s ‘Everybody Dances To Techno‘.

Anything Else?

The gig is first come first serve basis at Bonobo for INR 300 as the entry. You can email for more information. Listen to her music by following her Facebook page here, and her YouTube Channel here.

You can find the event on Facebook here.

Where: Bonobo, Bandra West

When: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Timings: 9pm onward

Price: INR 300 {at the door}

More Information

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locationBandra West

2nd Floor, Kenilworth Mall, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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locationBandra West