Neon Bras, Anyone? Everything You Need To Light Up Your Festival Look

Bhavika posted on 26 November


This music festival season, don’t be hidden by the crowds and ignored by the masses. Literally light it up by adding on some of these awesome LED accessories from Party Electric. We are loving everything here, and have chosen out our favourite picks. We must dole out a fair warning, however, only carry one or two of these at a time, otherwise it will truly be over the top.

LED Shoes

Rather like the younger days, when we would fancy the squeaky sneakers that would light up – these LED shoes have got our attention. You can get them in a bunch of colours – black, electric blue, golden, even pink and these are available for both men and women. The LED lights are on the base rim of the shoes, and lasts at least six to  eighthours in one go.

You can recharge the battery with a USB too.

Price: Between INR 3,000–6,000

Buy a pair here.

Neon Bow Tie

and gentlemen, we present to you one of the coolest accessories of 2016 – the bow tie which lights up. Add this to your festival look, and you will be the most radiant person there, hands down. You can even choose the base colour + the LED light combination you would like to sport.

Price: INR 1,440 {after discount}

Buy it here.

LED Shades

Well, we’ll just come right out and say it: kaala chashma is overrated. Look through neon-tinted glasses with these awesome LED shades. We are picking the kaleidoscope ones, because one kind of trip is not enough. What about you?

Price: INR 1,500–INR 1,900

Buy a pair here.

LED Gloves

With these LED gloves, there are one of two possibilities: You could either look like a burglar caught red-handed, or like you’ve just escaped from the set of Step Up 3. We say, try and go for the second one. Will get everyone more impressed, won’t it?

Price: INR 1,200

Buy it here.

Phone Cover

Truth be told, pictures are festivals turn out to be quite a fail most of the time, despite our attempts to show everyone just how much we are having. These LED-rimmed selfie covers will throw light on your face, whilst you jump around and make it all yellow. Unfortunately only for iPhone 6/6+/6S/6S+.

Price: INR 1,599 {after discount}

Buy it here.

LED bra

We aren’t completely sure how we feel about this, but ladies, if you are fearless, you could wear this #lit bra under a white top at a festival, or just as it is with a pair of really high-waisted shorts. Perhaps, ideal for Sunburn?

Price: INR 2,970 {after discount}

Get yours here.