This Homegrown Brand Offers Bags That Are Practical and Chic!


    What Makes It Awesome

    ANQI was established by Ankita Baste in 2012 with one aim: to bring luxury and affordable pricing on the same table. What she added on to it was the skill of craftsmanship. As a lead designer of ANQI, Ankita wanted to bring back the joy of buying that one handbag which spoke to you in an opulent boutique. They have designs which are comfortable and provide functionality with style.
    We loved their range of backpacks, briefcases, fanny packs, handbags, satchels, slings, totes and even lunchboxes. They also have floral bags which give out a classic Victorian vibe, as if straight out of a British sitcom. You can also create your customised trunk with your favourite pop culture word written on it!
    What’s more interesting is that they also repair your purchase for up to 4 years for free. Their bags cost around INR 1500- INR 2000, which is pretty affordable for a luxurious purchase. Our favourite pick is their Rose Gold Clickbait satchel in the Aanam C Collection. If you’re planning to buy a fanny pack for the first time, ANQI might just be the right pick for you. They have fanny packs in neutral tones which might be a great starter to hop on to the new trend!