Art galleries are really fun to explore – they showcase quirky artwork, you spend a beautiful day indoors and often get to meet the artists as well. Galleries are usually not very phone and camera-friendly, but we found a few that are cool with it. Check out the galleries in Mumbai that you can Instagram your way through and where you can take photos with your phones to get those #CultureGoals.

#LBBTip: We all love posting stuff on social media but do be sensitive about the art space you’re in, and of the artist’s sensibilities.

Chatterjee and Lal

Mark Prime's incredible 'play.pause.rewind' at Chatterjee & Lal. Thank you, Randhir Singh, for photographing the show for us! #markprime #chatterjeeandlal #sculpture #photography #jcsisterhood #music #handmade @mark1prime @randhir_rsap @chatterjeeandlal @s_e_h_e_r_s @ranabegumstudio @yamini.nayar

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Chatteerjee and Lal is a contemporary art space in Sobo which features indie artwork, plays and exhibitions. If you’re into modern visual art – head up here to catch some bizarre and upbeat artwork.

Chemould Prescott Road Gallery

A room full of #emotion. After six years Dhruvi Acharya's solo @chemouldprescottroad is a moving #experience. #mustwatch @shireengandhy

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This gallery is for anyone who’s looking to escape to NYC whilst still being in Mumbai. Known for housing and showcasing new and upcoming artists – you’ll find this gallery will have something exciting and eclectic every week.

#LBBTip: MF Hussein’s work has been showcased here.


"…sometimes one is caught off-guard in a museum, a bookstore, or the streets of a foreign city, if any city still remains entirely foreign in the epoch of dense connections, sometimes, one keeps a set of books on one's bookshelves because the script is exquisite, the binding and marbled endpapers gorgeous, the books speak to the senses but not the intellect; this is, in a quiet, everyday sense, a melancholy experience." – Ranjit Hoskote "In Letter and in Spirit "at TARQ.

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Tarq, started by Hena Kapadia, is a beautiful space for catching some lovely Indian art. You can see traditional as well as contemporary Indian art which is curated here for patrons to come and browse through. It’s a beautiful space to spend a lazy afternoon in, whilst appreciating our Indian artists.

National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery of Modern Art {NGMA} in SoBo comes a long way – though it was first opened up to public only in 1996. It’s opposite Regal Cinema {another iconic landmark in SoBo}. It showcases diverse collection of artwork, and the evolving civilizations since the 1800s. However, not many know, but the gallery here also has collections of Pablo Picasso and old Egyptian artifacts. Spend hours here going through the different collections.

Tao Art Gallery

A glimpse of Gandhi's last few days through the eyes of Henri Cartier-Bresson. An exhibit of some powerful images. #legend #henricartierbresson #photography #exhibition #mahatmagandhi #1948

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Owned by Kalpana Shah, Tao Art Gallery is home to the most contemporary collections in the city. The gallery is divided in two spaces – which gives the room to diversify the showcasing of the collections – the window gallery and the atrium gallery.

Tao has also curated many international shows in London, Tokyo and Singapore. It features all sorts of art work form paintings, photography, art installations to sculptures and performances.


Sitting at an art gallery, meeting folks, observing and interpreting works. #worklife ..not complaining at all. #happy to be spending a weekday afternoon like this! 😍 #art #gallery #WilliamKentridge

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Volte is probably one of the most daring art galleries in town – with its multimedia installations, exhibitions and artwork that goes beyond the usual. They often curate art via the medium of videos and Ranbir Kaleka, Wim Delvoye all have been showcased here.

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

One of those people who like museums. Such a perfect sunday #vscocam

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One of our favourites in SoBo, this museum is gorgeous, with its beautiful ceiling, galleries to stroll in and the fact that it has been here for decades. A must-visit for anyone who wants immerse themselves into the history of Mumbai. You can easily spend a day and still not completely cover all of the museum but we do have a guide that’ll come handy.

Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke

Art gallery hopping with @lailavaziralli #sixdown #tanyagoel

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A space in SoBo which exceptionally huge, airy and gets  a lot of natural light, it’s a beautiful gallery to spend your time in. It has a very Berlinesque feel to it and showcases local and international artists alike like Woolfgang Laib, Gieve Patel and more. Go here to catch some exciting and classic art.

Featured photo source: Pexels