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    Master The Art Of Gifting This Festive Season With These 5 Exclusive Gift Hampers

    Priya posted on 13 October

    It is that time of the year again, with so many festivals to celebrate, too many weddings to go to and way too many parties to rage at. Clothes, jewellery and fun is something that you are prepared for but the stress comes when you have to pick the gifts. There are too many things to keep in mind; will the person like it, will they use it or re-gift it or will they be like Rachel Green and just get the receipt from you to exchange it. We bring you a cheat list of hampers that caters to all kinds of people in your life.

    The ‘Foodie’ Friend

    A perfect hamper for the friend who loves to eat different things and experiments when it comes to cooking. You have options like Thai and Mexican baskets to choose from. They include seasonings, sauces, pastes and salsa besides the delicious nibbles. You can get the Thai Gourmet basket here and the Mexican Gourmet basket here.

    The ‘Diwali Is Desi’ Friend

    Fireworks, rangoli, drinks doing rounds and lots of mithai is the idea of Diwali for this friend. They do not believe in staying in or noise-free Diwali. They need to be loud and traditional all the way. A hamper full of samosas, kaju katli, besan laddoos, and traditional Indian epicness is what you need. You can get the Desi Celebration basket here and the massive Indian Celebration basket here.

    The ‘Responsible For Your Promotion’ Friend

    This obviously is your boss, the one who needs to be pleased and greased every festive season. And no boxes of chocolates or bottle of champagne will cut it for them. You need to show that you care with a grand gesture. Something grand that includes stuffed olives, crisps, dark chocolate, sparkling juices and much more. We have picked a basket aptly called Grand Celebration that you can get here.

    The ‘I Have Kids Now’ Friend

    Your fun and amazingly single friend who has now gotten married and has a child? For them, their world now starts with their child and ends with them. The best way to please this person is to please the kid {it’s not easy to please a kid!}. When you have baskets that are filled with cookies, chocolate, preserves, syrups, crackers you think the kid will not be happy? Get this basket of sugar rush also known as Junior Bumper Treats right here.

    The ‘Health Is Wealth’ Friend

    Did you know that festive season is not only about munching away on junk? The one person who will remind you of this is your gym friend or the one who thinks kale is bae {NO!} But the perfect gift for them is a basket full of chia n flax mix, sunflower seeds, gluten-free pasta, lentil mix and so much more. You can get this Wellness Mixed Delights basket here.

    These are just a few of the hampers on offer with Nature’s Basket this season. And if pre-packaged baskets are not your style, you can customise too! Take your pick from baskets, boxes and trays, this can be done at any Nature’s Basket store here. For more of gifts and hampers visit the website.

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