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Rediscover The Joy Of Creating Something Cool At The Art Village In Karjat

Jayati posted on 17th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Even if you that one crazy artistic bone in you, we say head to the Arts Village in Karjat for a quaint, peaceful and creative retreat to relieve yourself from the stress of the big city.

Of Earth Houses, Communities And Art

Ganga Kadakia, an artist who dropped out of JJ Arts School to free herself from the shackles of the restricted atmosphere, tells us the idea behind the Art Village came up when she realised there was a void of a true artists’ community in and around Mumbai. To pursue her passion, Ganga along with her husband Kunal decided to take up this project, and two and a half years later, Art Village stands beautiful in Karjat, just a 90 minute drive from the International Mumbai Airport.

The Art Village, then, is a space to celebrate and support the artist community across the disciplines of art, literature, theatre, cinema and nature. With the help of artists and architects alike, especially Kiran Vaghela {from Hunnarshala Foundation} who designed the blueprint, the village engages in sustainable means of constructing the mud huts that use earth, recycled wood, mosaic and other sustainable materials.

What We Love

Though it’s aimed at bringing the practicing artist community together, Ganga tells us this space is open for anyone looking for a getaway to de-stress. The idea being to decrease the gap between the general public and the artists and in turn encourage an open dialogue. So you can now pack your bags and escape to this beautiful heaven not so far away from the hustle of the city. It offers some amazing activities as well, that include kayaking in the nearby lake, trekking, swimming in the pool, and you can also check out their organic gardens and nurseries.

The beautiful residential stays are made in two ways, one being the four cobbled earth-built huts made from sun dried bricks and the second being rammed earth-built kitchen and recreation centre. In fact, the entire roofing is thatched using recycled wood from different parts of India. They also have an art gallery in their recreation space that exhibits different artists every month. They also have an Earth Cafe that serves food created using fresh organic products from their farms.

Anything Else?

You can opt for their volunteer programme as well. Ever so often, they open up projects that need help. For example, the upcoming projects include building a landscape sundial and the meditation centre which is named Brahamnda where one can sign up as a volunteer to help out.

The prices vary according to different needs. For students who’d like to come and work for a day, it’s INR 500. However, for an overnight stay it’s INR 6,999 {inclusive of all meals} from Mondays to Thursdays and INR 9,999 {inclusive of all meals} on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

So, We're Saying...

Escape to the calmness and nature’s call at the Art Village in Karjat and indulge yourself with the artist community. They have gardens, swimming pools and so much more. To book your stay drop an email at or call at 9820313000.

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Next to N.D Studios, Karjat Road, Chowk Phata, Shedung Pass Exit, Karjat, Distt. Raigad, Maharashtra

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