What Is It?

Curated by actors Shruti Seth and Gul Panag, Festivelle is an all-women’s only festival that celebrates women empowerment and will be held in Juhu on 17 and 18 December.

Festivelle is a cultural festival catering to women from all spheres of life and space – from entrepreneurs, to mothers to young college students to working professionals. There’s going to be live music, comedy gigs, workshops, exciting and empowering talks by other women and more.

Who Is It For?


If you’re a woman who’s 18 and above, love sisterhood {in so many words}, and just want to let your hair down over the weekend – this is it. It’ll be featuring a host of things including discussions and themes ranging from Lessons We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian , Why Every Woman Should Have A Secret Stash, It’s Good To Be A Bad Mom to the evergreen relevant phrase, I Am My Hormones –.comic take on periods. From topics of PMSing to shopping addictions to just questioning the ‘too bad a world for us pure women’ – it features it all.

There’ll be Saba, main woman from Madboy/Mink, Alisha Pais, Manasi Scott, Neeti Palta, Anu Menon, poetess and fashion queen – Kanees Surka, our feminist and favourite comedian, Radhika Vaz and Kaneez Surka as well, ¬†among many others. Just watch these brilliant women perform and take the ownership at this wonderfully curated festival.

Why Should I Go?


Do you ever feel like going to a place, where for once, there’s no man around – just women and their pure happiness? Well then this is for you ladies. Just watch the lovely women like Miss Malini entertain you. You can also catch exciting performances by our favourite men, Prateek Kuhad, and Kanan Gill – that’s right ladies, male performers catering to the women for the win.

Anything Else?

There’ll be a host of shopping stalls, food to munch on and relaxing spa therapies at offer. We may be bordering on cliches – but come on, why should boys have all the fun?

So, We’re Saying…

Hit up the festivelle for a truly good experience – with other women and let the safe space make you realise how pure this world is when us women folk take stage and more.

Price: INR 1,750

Buy the tickets here.

Photos courtesy: Festivelle