Order Authentic Japanese Delicacies From This SOBO Delivery Joint

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What Makes It Awesome?

Of late I had a fascination to try sushi, and I decided to have it from Sushi & More. The outlet seems like a pretty legit Japanese outlet, and a good delivery option as well. The food was delivered on time, which is a plus point as it was decently warm to eat. They sent packed chopsticks with each box.

Here's what all I ordered:

Super prawn tempura roll (Rating 4.5/5) – This uramaki that comprised of eight sushi rolls and prawns was well-cooked along with a decent addition of avocado and asparagus. Sticky rice was cooked perfectly, and the rolls were served with gari (pickled ginger), well-made wasabi, and soy.

Spicy salmon roll (Rating 4.5/5) – This too had eight pieces, and the salmon was well-executed. Again the sticky rice was perfect, and it was well-rolled with nori (edible seaweed).

Pickled ginger (Gari) – This is ideally given with sushi as it's used to clear palettes between many courses in Japan.

Wasabi and Soy – Ideally, from what I know these are supposed to be mixed to create a dipping sauce for sushi. I tried it like that, and it was a delight.

Overall, a great sushi joint to get authentic delicacies.

What Could Be Better?

Prawn Nigiri - Nigiris are usually the main ingredient served on top of sushi rice, and I chose prawn as an ingredient. Ideally, one should order this if they like the flavour of the main ingredient, be it fish, shellfish, prawns, etc.

Taste-wise it was bland, and I found it kinda rubbery and not so fresh. Maybe it was the packing and the heat that led to this, but it wasn’t as appetising as the dishes.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000

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