Ten-Second Takeaway

Want a happy and healthy breakfast? Introducing Avni & Myraa’s Kitchen, which is a sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free breakfast delivery service, which is delicious yet low on calories.

Welcome To The Good Life

In order give clean, healthy options to people who want to make fit choices, this venture was started by Myraa Raheja and Avni Bathija-Wittke only four months ago. They have smoothies, smoothie bowls, oatmeal jars, coolers and chia puddings {in many flavours if you like to keep your options option} on the menu, of which the smoothie bowls seem the best option, as it’s a smoothie topped with oats, mixed seeds and fruits.

The oatmeal jars are made in nut milk and have nuts, fruit and honey on it. Also, you get them in flavours such as classic, coffee, apple pie and rocky road – this almost sounds like it’s too good to be healthy, but it really is.

What Else?

While the above are items you must consume the same day, you can order from them granola jars which will last you a good while {say three months in an air-tight container} and can be something to dig in to when hunger pangs are persistent. The choconut {raw cacao + coconut} granola combo seems to be calling out to us. They also sell DIY granola kits with different flavours and ingredients you can buy and combine on your own.

Placing an order is fairly simple, one can just call on 7738995585/85 or shoot them a text/Whatsapp message, and they’ll deliver to most parts of the city, from Goregaon to Cuffe Parade, including Eastern suburbs like Powai, Sion, Chembur between 7.45am to 10.30am. #winforall

#LBBTip: You can also ask for customisations, as they’re very willing to provide a good customer experience. If you have specifications like you’re looking to add more iron content to your breakfast, they’d make a few small changes.

So, We’re Saying…

Sticking to the diet we always make {and usually break before lunch} seems quite manage-able with Avni & Myraa’s Kitchen here. Do remember though to place your order the previous day for next morning’s breakfast.

Featured photo courtesy: Avni and Myraa’s Kitchen