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Get A Slice Of Varanasi In Mumbai At This Historical Spot

    Malabar Hill, Mumbai

    What Is It?

    In the midst of the concrete jungle and high-rise luxury apartments in Mumbai’s iconic Malabar Hills lies a piece of history in the form of the Banganga Tank.

    This fresh water tank, along with the Walkeshwar temple was built in 1127 AD. Calm, peaceful and the air thick with the smell of the sea, the tank can be reached by walking down one of the many by-lanes from the main road. A rectangular tank surrounded by steps on all four sides and its banks surrounded by smaller temples and houses, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people chanting and following their daily religious rituals.

    The Legend

    The water in the tank first sprang up when Lord Rama asked his brother Lakshmana to bring him some water, tired after their search for his wife, Sita. Laxman shot and arrow to the ground and water gushed forth, creating a tributary of the Ganges. Hence the name Banganga, meaning Ganga created by the baan {arrow}.

    What’s In It For Me?

    One of the prominent attractions here is the two-day Banganga music and cultural festival, conducted annually in January, by MTDC. One must surely not miss this spectacle when the tank is cleaned and decorated for the Hindustani music festival. Music professionals from across the state and country come here to serenade fans of classical music.

    If you’re also looking at escaping the city’s cacophony, it’s the perfect place to visit. Sit amidst the shade of the trees and transport yourself back in time. You can also find ducks in the tank, which usually outnumber the people in the area.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you ever feel like being a bit touristy in your own city, go ahead and spend some time at Banganga.


    Don’t miss out on some other interesting destinations around the tank such as the Jain Temple, Priyadarshini Park and Hanging Gardens.

      Malabar Hill, Mumbai