Ten-Second Takeaway

A restaurant and bar has taken life in Juhu, A Bar Called Life in place of Villa 69 by the same owners. We have got the details on the makeover, read on.

What’s New Here?

A Bar Called Life is a huge spacious space, a complete transformation of the previous restaurant, Villa 69. It has an inside dining and bar, a dance floor and an al fresco dining too. With a huge screen set up, they’ll be planning on holding screenings, live music and more on a regular basis.

The decor is quite rustic, with a lot of browns and golden. However, the most fascinating bit is, the tables. The wooden tables have been made in such a way that once the night picks up pace, people can get on it and dance. That’s right, a dance floor cum table {keep the food away though}.

Chow Down

The restaurant boasts of pan-Asian cuisine, so you can expect your sushis and other Asian dishes that’ll be up at their menu. They will also be planning on doing sundowner dinners in their al fresco dining area.

Sip On

The cocktails and the drinks have been curated to make the bar a bit more exciting. They’ll be introducing a unique concept here of getting drinks at their MRP. Starting at 6pm, you can buy an old monk for INR 20, and by the hour it’ll keep increasing.

The cocktails are lush: Spice It Up {a cold tom yum noodle flavoured cocktail}, Candy cocktails {made from our childhood candies like pulse, boomer, pan candy et al}. You can also expect a boomer flavoured shot for some good old nostalgia. The beer they stock will come in flavours of orange, coffee, apple and more, apart from the regular Kingfishers and Tuborgs.

So, We’re Saying…

Villa 69 gets a makeover, it’s bigger and better. So all the Juhu folks, there’s something to look forward to it. It’ll open to the public in February, so keep a lookout here for more.

Photos: Jayati Bhola/LBB