Ten-Second Takeaway

The Barking Deer, our go-to microbrewery and American food joint in Mathuradas Mill Compound, has created a new menu, and guess what, you can get your mealĀ for free. Here’s how.

Fastest Foodie First


This new menu includes additions such as the fire cracker prawns {cooked in beer to lend it that special flavour} and thecha fiery chicken, and it includes paneer kofta sliders too. We recommend ordering their mini hot dogs on a stick and maybe digging into the Mexican pork bun, which is pork stuffed into a bun with cheese. And if you visit their outlet between today, October 24 and Thurs, October 27, and are the first to order any of the items from the new menu, it’s on the house – if you’re the first to order the item on the day.

The offer begins at 1pm each day till October 27 until all the items on the new menu haveĀ received their first order.


#LBBTip: Check their menu checklist in the restaurant every day, which shows what has already been ordered {it will be crossed out}, and what you can order for a complimentary dish.

So, We’re Saying…

There will be a bit of competition, but those working in Lower Parel just get there in time, and you could totally get that free dish, we have faith in you.

Photos courtesy: Barking Deer